Being concerned about environmental protection and nature preservation for our children, for future generations, we built Russia’s first polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle recycling plant. We use unique “bottle-to-bottle” recycling technology, when used plastic bottles are processed into granulated polyethylene terephthalate to be further used in manufacturing of food packaging.

The plant is able to recycle 20 thousand tons of plastic bottles a year or, in other words, 500 million plastic bottles. 600 thousand tons of PET raw materials are used in Russia every year and manufacturing of PET bottles accounts for more than 90% of them. 

In 2011 we launched a project for separate collection of PET bottles in Solnechnogorsk in the Moscow Region. The project turned out to be successful and today we collect 5,000 tons a month, i.e. the quantity used by 50% of the city population. Our business evidences incontestably that environmental problems can be solved efficiently.

We strongly believe that the successful example of the Plarus project should be disseminated throughout the country. We are ready and willing to share our experience; we have a good deal of know-how; however, without the government’s support we will not be able to achieve the results that would be beneficial for the environment in Russia. The absence of the Federal Law on Production and Consumption Waste limits severely our business and impedes our smooth and consistent development. 

We are interested in investment and project financing, in administrative support implying public and private partnership, in tax incentives and subsidies.


Studies of PET packaging environmental compatibility by Franklin Associates

 Website of the Plarus Plant: www.plarus.ru