News - Packaging — the “body” of products


The program of the Prodexpo-2015 International Exhibition that was held in Moscow on February 9-13 offered the master class “The Packaging that Sells: Bird’s Eye View. Marketing Strategy of the Company in Challenging Economic Conditions of the Present-Day Market”.

As the name suggests, the master class addressed marketing aspects in packaging and was aimed, first of all, at executive officers and marketers of companies. On the other hand, it was definitely useful to those who designs, orders or manufactures packaging.

The master class attendants were demonstrated changes in the attitude towards packaging: successful companies started to see it as part of marketing long ago. Today, when efficiency constitutes the general trend of 2015, packaging should become part of USP (the unique selling proposition).

Packaging has three basic marketing functions it should perform: to be the “body” of the product; to attract customers; to be an element of the promotion system.

Today, time or, to be more precise, its saving is the most important task to be fulfilled by packaging in the customer’s opinion. Time also sets new criteria for assessment of packaging efficiency. In the opinion of master-class trainers, in addition to time saving, consumers want packaging to be creatively designed, easy to use and to be informative.

Professionally designed packaging can help to make required changes in the perception of the product by the consumer or to retarget the product at consumers of high-end market. At the same time, skimping on quality of packaging can be very risky: It can deteriorate the product perception by the consumer and, therefore, move the product to the low-end segment of the market. The statements were backed up by typical examples taken from different areas of packaging application – from perfume and cosmetics, food or industrial goods sectors.

One of the conclusions made by the master-class attendants stated that if the company paid for packaging, it must be used for further advertising and promotion.